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Magnus Arnason:

LOCUST PROJECTS is pleased to announce Polymorph, the first and much awaited North American exhibition by Icelandic artist Magnús Árnason. Polymorph is an organic, sprawling and haunting installation. 

Árnason hails from the snow-covered lava fields of Iceland.  In his exhibition Polymorph, Árnason channels all the dread that these lava fields hide beneath their seemingly serene surfaces. Originally scheduled for last January, this exhibition will finally take place in the hottest months of the year. As if things weren’t going to be sticky enough already, Árnason promises to turn Locust Projects into a slimy and organic cave, filled with strange sounds, weird kinetic sculptures and archaic forms lathered with primordial gunk. Archaic rituals are infused with a dose of Death Metal theatricality and horror movie atmospherics. It’s a dark and primitive theater, a staging of goo as it overtakes a space and our imaginations. Like a biological memory, Árnason’s installations give us back some of those organic and slimy landscapes we must have once considered home. Árnason studied in Vienna and has exhibited his work in Reykjavík, Berlin and Turin. In addition to his sculptural work, Árnason is also known for his dark and enigmatic performances.


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