Paul Bartow / Richard Metzgar
Paul Bartow / Richard Metzgar
Paul Bartow / Richard Metzgar

March 14 - April 26

Paul Bartow + Richard Metzgar
Subanageographica: transvirtual perspectives in a semi-tropical environment

Opening reception: March 14


"Bartow + Metzgar" was established as a two-person collaborative in 1999. Paul Bartow and Richard Metzgar were trained in visual arts and architecture. During the course of their collaborative practice they have used the notion of assemblage as a way to investigate one's embodied experience in the world, specifically with regard to perception. 

Their exhibition at Locust Projects will add unique dimension of research to an accumulating body of information that they have produced about/on the Urban. B+M are interested in experimenting with emergent forms of image production culled from these environments.



Viking Funeral

Sound intervention collective Viking Funeral (Carlos Ascurra and Juan Gonzalez) present "Jesse's Girl", an acoustic guitar/amplifier module and a second module, a Theremin, manipulated by a series of different objects to feel austere and dark.

A representation of a badly acted soap opera inside the confines and comfort of a warm 1970's California Summer, "Jesse's Girl" has a new boyfriend while Jesse is left to witness his girl falling deeply for her new man.

The far wall of the space will contain a mural of a sunset, with a couple holding hands. "Jesse's Girl" contains this sitar-like sound that feels meditative and euphoric while the Theremin has more of a somber sound like the cries of a young man caught "in a tidal wave of teenage angst."