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Cristine Brache:
Cristine's Secret Garden

Locust Projects is proud to present Cristine's Secret Garden, an expansive new body of work contained within a site-specific installation by Miami and Toronto-based artist Cristine Brache. Exploring boundaries of private and public space in relation to womanhood, Brache creates an immersive environment inspired by her childhood home and brings a hyperreal version of its front yard into the gallery. Referencing her Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage, the exhibition centers around porcelain shrines of the maternal figures in the artist's life. Similar to the Santero statues that adorn lawns throughout Miami, and using Santeria's codification of Orishas and their attributes as a template, Brache humanizes and preserves the central figures in her life, celebrating their many facets. Architectural elements from the home will be transformed through unique stylistic and material choices. In its totality, the artist says the exhibition is a “syncretized constellation of my personal experience, a diary of sorts, that adopts a unique facet of Miami’s cultural landscape in form.” 


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