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Exhibition Openings

Field Companion

Matthew Suib, Nadia Hironaka: Field Companion

Philadelphia-based artists Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib, known for their fantastical moving images and alternate realities, have created a new immersive film installation for Locust Projects. Field Companion, set in a microcosmic forest, is based loosely on the pine barrens that dot Southern New Jersey near their home. The exhibition opens to the public with a reception on Saturday, November 20, 2021 and is on view through February 5, 2022 Wednesdays-Saturdays from 11am-5pm. Admission is free.

Like many, the duo found refuge and solace throughout the COVID-19 pandemic hiking and foraging in these remote, natural landscapes. As America's social fabric frayed deeply over recent years, they considered forest ecosystems in terms of symbiotic and collaborative relationships that sustain coexistence and community.

Exhibition Openings

The Depths

Group Exhibition: The Depths

Locust Projects presents The Depths, the fourth in a series of guest curated video exhibitions in Locust Projects’ Screening Room that launched in fall 2019. Guest curated by filmmaker and video artist, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, the exhibition features works by Isabelle Carbonell, Miguel Hilari, Los Ingrávidos, Sofía Gallisá Muriente and Sindhu Thirumalaisamy.  

"Toxic Lake, Salt On Film, Moon Goddess Through Violence, through desert cactus, a mine and the photographs of those who labored them. This series unfolds through relations of material and sensorial experience, they arise from an inseparability of what we think of as "place" from historical events or the deep time of geology from a multi-perspectival experimental film language." - Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, guest curator


Exhibition Openings

A landscape longed for: the garden as disturbance

Group Exhibition: A landscape longed for: the garden as disturbance

Guest curated by Adler Guerrier and Laura Novoa featuring Andrea Bowers, Sandi Haber Fifield, David Hartt, Jim Hodges, Ebony G. Patterson, and Onajide Shabaka and newly commissioned works by Ema Ri and Cristina Lei Rodriguez.

A landscape longed for: the garden as disturbance explores the motif of the garden as used by artists in its relation to the cultivation and expression of beauty and knowledge. The works in the exhibition function around images and objects connected to and derived from the study of plants, prompting a reimagining and reinterpretation of the garden as a site for the lyrical arrangement of forms. 

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Current shows on view through February 5, Wed-Sat | 11am-5pm 

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