Main Gallery

Jesse Bransford:
Fiction (Melancholic Landscape)

What if we could see what he sees beyond the frame?
Fiction (Melancholic Landscape), a wraparound mural
 that Jesse Bransford will produce at LOCUST PROJECTS,
is in part a meditation on what the post-Monolith Dave
Bowman sees and we cannot, on what would happen if we
had an ultra wide-angle lens for a retina. What would
we see beyond the field of vision (and the frames of
reference) that we have organized the world with?
Bransford's murals explode the constraints of our
visual frame and in the process all the other frames
that it stands for -those of rational scientific
knowledge, of utopian thinking, of visionary
otherness. Expect sci-fi lansdscapes, UFOs, Unicorns
and fantastic narratives, because it is only at the
edge of the real, where strange couplings take place,
that Bransford's idealistic restructuring of the world
can begin to set roots.

In the project room, Glexis Novoa will also
investigate frames and their disappearance in a
site-specific wall drawing. But where Bransford looks
for what is beyond our frames of reference, Novoa
explores what happens when their boundaries blur, when
landscapes and memories and apocalyptic sci-fi and
historical catastrophes and Kafkaesque socialistic
theories all collapse into the same space and meld
into a single, hybrid image. The grave sadness of
Novoa's dystopic drawing will be a song of experience
to Bransford's dazzling Technicolor song of innocence and desire.

LOCUST PROJECTS is sponsored, in part, by The Dade
Community Foundation with support of The Miami-Dade
County Department of Cultural Affairs, The Cultural
Affairs Council, The Mayor, and The Miami-Dadecounty
Board of County Commissioners. Novoa’s work appears
courtesy of Bernice Steinbaum Gallery.


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