Main Gallery

Frank Haines:
Crustacean in the Hall of Furies

It could be a Sunday school project gone wrong, but it is also Frank Haine’s installation at LOCUST PROJECTS, Crustacean in the Hall of Furies. Haines has transformed the space into a narrative mural/world exclusively made out of over 50 different kinds of hyper saturated acrylic felt. Haines has taken the craft practice of the felt banner, used as learning aids in schools and churches, and has turned it into an environment that is equal parts sensorial overload chamber and epic narrative mural. The storyline involves knights and vikings, devils and cementeries, skulls and stars. It even has a small Hell alcove. The piece is influenced by and borrows heavily from Medieval sources, especially the Bayeaux tapestry. It also employs imagery from Jack Chick’s comics, Heronymous Bosch’s tweaked out visionary paintings, Henri Rousseau, the Christian imagination in general, and Vipassana meditation. Crustacean in the Hall of Furies blends historical and the imaginative into delirious narrative sequence.

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