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Goodbye (the symptoms of physical things)

Locust Projects is pleased to present Goodbye (the symptoms of physical things), recent work by Cooper.

  Cooper presents the viewer with fragmented elements from our current and past society; piecing them together with strange methods that make us wonder how we take in this world around us so lightly. These works exist as minor monuments to both man's conquests and subjugations. Cooper references what seems to be our incessant need for amplification of the human presence, from antiquated recording methods playing our voices out across the limitations of time to the sophisticated ability of striking someone dead from across the room. Composed of drawings, sculptural objects, audio, single channel video and the remains of two private performances the show is truly cross-media.

In the piece "Return of the Pilgrim", an unusual costume has been made out of two Mayflower shipping boxes, oversized yellow boots, additional cardboard and plaster. The costume is presented with a video that shows the artist in the pilgrimget-up walking around a desolate industrial area giving away dog biscuits to stray dogs (through a chute in the costume's crotch area). The dogs are the natives and the pilgrim is a visiting foreigner- a tenuous relationship develops: some are trusting, and some are not. In another performance entitled "100 Rounds (Glock Version)" the artist turns the gallery into a mock shooting range. He fires one hundred screaming bullets at an opposing wall while dressed up as the all too familiar motorcycle bad guy from low budget cable movies, the piece is a bit unsettling.

Several smaller works and technical-manual like drawings keep the do-it-yourself mood rolling. Goodbye (the symptoms of physical things), presents a vision heavily influenced by B-movies, cop glorification and generation "y" as in "huh, why?"

The opening reception is on Saturday April 15th, 8-11pm.

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