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GeoVanna Gonzalez:
HOW TO: Oh, Look at Me

Opening Reception

HOW TO: Oh, look at me, is part of an ongoing series titled HOW TO, which runs concurrent to the online poetry collection tutorials, by Martin Jackson. GeoVanna is creating works for each of the poems in the collection as a form of open-source translation. 

By versioning or reappropriating the ideas, language and tactics of poetry, GeoVanna draws attention to how all works of art undergo transformations or disruptions as new technologies to view, share or interpret them emerge. 

This installation will be created after the poem titled No Rothko (itself an interpretation of an old analogue film of a poetry reading). Entering the gallery, the viewer will encounter a metal structure made for anyone to climb, rest, or perform. Surrounding the structure will be large airbrushed walls inspired by Rothko paintings. As the viewer settles into the space, they’ll hear the sound of heavy Miami rain. 

The visitor finds themselves inside interpretation. Climbing or walking across a sculpture they remake it as they go. Taking time to look at Rothkos that aren’t Rothkos, they take and share photos that look like Rothkos. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, a group of writers, artists, and others will perform personal, diverse experiences of being in and part of the installation. 

Above all else this installation is a place to commune: to exchange, to take part, to work through. It will be a show that proves what we all know but rarely discuss, that the screens and technologies we filter ourselves through change us, and how we see the world. That translation is an everyday, sacred act. 


GeoVanna Gonzalez is a Miami/Berlin-based artist. interested in producing alternative environments. Her work explores the connections between private and public spaces through interventionist and participatory art, new forms of collaboration and deliberate collectivity. Recent works have focused on making public art more inclusive and queer, as a way of opening up different and deeper ways of seeing-through and being-in our environments. 

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