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Alex Bag:
The Coven Services for Consumer Mesmerism, Product Sorcery, and the Necromantic Reimagination of Consumption

We can already hear the complaints: LOCUST PROJECTS is becoming all about pentagrams, burning black candles, satanic teenagers. Why the regression? Why the middle-age fascination with maladjusted adolescents? Have they been reading too many Dennis Cooper novels over there? By way of an answer, we’ve invited Alex Bag to exhibit one of her tweaked out installations at LOCUST PROJECTS. In her work, satanic teenagedom is less subject matter than a platform from where to deliver stinging critiques of the social arrangements that capital underwrites. This exhibition features a video installation and proposed ad campaigns authored by a uniquely innovative new company. Part think tank, part P.R. firm, part corporate image consultant, and part advertising agency, Coven Services for Consumer Mesmerism, Product Sorcery, and the Necromantic Reimagination of Consumption embraces a grimly evolved style of capitalism that views consumers as pawns whose weaknesses are seized upon and encouraged. The company’s clients are some of the world’s largest, most powerful and sinister multinational corporations. As the name suggests, Coven Services employs witchcraft and mystical traditions in addition to standard advertising language and methods to generate print ads, television commercials, and corporate damage control efforts for its clients.


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