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Trenton Doyle Hancock:
I Made a Mound City in Miami Dade County


Locust Projects is pleased to present new installation by Trenton Doyle Hancock in its Store Front and Main Gallery this fall. Supplementing his religious upbringing with comic books and Greek mythology, at the age of 10 Trenton Doyle Hancock invented Torpedo Boy — an alter ego/superhero he still uses today. Ultimately birthing his own creation myth — as played out through paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, and installation — Hancock tells the story of the Mounds (gentle hybrid plant-like creatures) protected by Torpedo Boy, and their enemies, the Vegans (mutants who consume tofu and spill Mound blood every chance they get). These narratives and truly unique body of visual art explore good and evil, authority, race, class, moral relativism, politics and religion, as well as making unapologetic nods to comic books, illustrations, animations, horror films, and toys.

From Juxtapoz 2016 Interview: Born in Oklahoma and raised in a racially turbulent Paris, Texas, Trenton Doyle Hancock has been weaving a complex fabric that laces elaborate fantasy into personal and familial folklore, while examining his own cultural and philosophical identity. From a young age, driven by his love for comic books and graphic novels, as well as the raconteur’s template they provide, his youthful fascinations have evolved into a fully realized alternate universe. Centered around creatures known as The Mounds, who co-exist with Hancock’s own alter-ego, Torpedo Boy, as well as other characters representing significant people in his life, he combines Southern roots and religious upbringing to comprise the narratives omnipresent in his practice.  Read the interview here... also recent article in ArtForum

About the Artist

Hancock was featured in the 2000 and 2002 Whitney Biennial exhibitions, becoming one of the youngest artists to participate at age 26 and was among the first group of artists featured in the acclaimed PBS series Art21. His work has been the subject of several solo shows including the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth; MoCA, North Miami (2003); ICA at the University of Pennsylvania. His largest show to-date, Mind of the Mound: Critical Mass, opened at MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts in March 2019. He is represented by James Cohan Gallery, NY; Hales Gallery, London; and Shulamit Nazarian, LA. Learn more…

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