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Loriel Beltran:
Labor Paintings

Loriel Beltran is a full time artist who subsidizes his creative pursuits by doing preparatory work and installing exhibitions. Having worked at Locust Projects for a number of years Beltran has seen many exhibitions come and go. Now as one of the most exciting emerging artists, Beltran has drawn on this knowledge and experience at Locust and devised an exhibition that uses this history for its making.

Literally utilizing the layers and layers of paint covering our walls, Beltran will remove and dissect the drywall to recreate new paintings. Paintings utilizing an unconventional methodology and becoming sculptural in form, as well as encompassing the history of the walls that many artists works have hung upon. Beautifully poetic and daringly witty Beltran's work renegotiates the contemporary language of painting and challenges the idea of a formal gallery space.

Scheduled for January 2009 the selection committee thought this was a seminal project, paying homage to Locust's 10-year anniversary and to the artists who have exhibited here over the past decade, whilst supporting a truly talented local Miami artist


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