September 2022

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Exhibition Openings

Herramientas: Levels & Bosses

Leo Castañeda: Herramientas: Levels & Bosses

Herramientas: Levels & Bosses at Locust Projects will be a culmination of Castañeda’s WaveMaker-supported research and development into the creation of his game project, Levels & Bosses. The exhibition showcases the demo/vertical slice of the artist’s game project displayed through a multimedia installation spanning video-games, AR/VR, sculpture, furniture design, and apparel, in conjunction with paintings and drawings.

Merging conference aesthetics with fine-art installation practices from sculptural controllers to wearable AR and VR machines (COVID-pending), Demo(s)’ experiential expo booths reimagine the public presentation of immersive experiences to entice audiences traditionally avoidant of fine art institutions to engage in meaningful arts experiences. 


Exhibition Openings


Zac Hacmon: Mia

Zac Hacmon’s sculpture and sound interactive installation will collaborate with The RDJ Refugee Shelter, a non-profit shelter in New York City that exclusively serves asylum seekers and refugees experiencing homelessness. Hacmon will conduct a sound workshop with five shelter residents, during which time he will create an audio play based on their individual stories mixed together into a hybrid narrative. The audio will emanate from sound structures in the final installation, each structure referencing air ventilation shafts and echoing institutional architecture and creating a non-place, a location with no history or entity.

The work explores the idea of a sense of belonging in the 21st century, capturing the diverse voices and perspectives of those who were forced to leave their homes and families due to their sexuality or political opinions.

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