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1st Annual Club Florida City Vacation Club Vacation

Locust Projects is pleased to present "1st Annual Club Florida City Vacation Club Vacation" by Lois.

Lois is a collaborative arts group from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The members will be creating a sight specific installation in the main gallery. The project revolves around the expectations and realities of vacationing. In their favorite Halifax bar appropriately named "Key Largo" Lois has been plotting the exhibition. Lois is responding to the fascination and anxiety of fulfilling dreams of long anticipated paradise. Their observations of Florida from seductive tourist
campaigns boast fantastic amusement parks and exotic/erotic beaches. However, these destinations are contrasted by the equally alluring elderly appeal similar to the "Golden Girls" leisure and the banality of retirement villages.
Lois is also working with the kitsch memorabilia and trinkets that symbolize the good times had on vacation. These items become trophy finds on the hunt for adventure and are valued even more so when given to friends back home as they imagine what they missed during the trip.



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