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Sharon Engelstein:

Locust Projects is pleased to present B'BLEB an installation by Sharon Engelstein. Engelstein, a Texas-based artist, uses computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software in a process of research and discovery to develop installations that offer the viewer a different aesthetic perspective on the world. Using a three-dimensional modeling program called Rhino, Engelstein creates biomorphic shapes reminiscent of lab book diagrams of dividing cells or yeast colonies. Rounded forms sprout from other bubbled shapes to create figures that are part cartoon character, part organic life and part spaceship. After using her computer to design her creatures, Engelstein constructs the forms through various industrial processes, in collaboration with industrial manufacturers. Through this process, Engelstein achieves a synthesis of organic and mechanical form--a merging of nature and technology. 
Technology and computers dominate the world today; understanding their impact on society, as well as their potential relationship with nature and humans, is needed to harness these sources of power. Sharon Engelstein’s project enables the public to adopt a different aesthetic perspective on the world by creating an environment where the art combines organic, geometric, and technical forms never seen before. Engelstein’s exhibition will expose and explore the interaction between the natural world and technology.


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