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Kori Newkirk:

In the main space, LOCUST PROJECTS will present new work by Los Angeles artist Kori Newkirk made specifically for the space. At the forefront of a generation of young African-American artists, Newkirk has exhibited his work in galleries and museums around the world. His exhibition at Locust Projects will be his first one-person show in the south florida region.

Locust Projects is pleased to present Bixel, Kori
 Newkirk's debut single channel video.  Science fiction
and semi-autobiographical in tone, Bixel furthers
Newkirk's formal and conceptual investigation of the
mediated self within the larger urban and pastoral
landscape.   Armed with a mouth full of silvery
glitter, Newkirk's head and torso ascends and retreats
from beneath a lush green lawn, as if emerging from an
invisible borrow. Bixel is punctuated by a sequence of
non-narrative and non-linear imagery ranging from a
close-ups of windmill fans to the artist himself
traversing the picture frame in whirlwind-esque
spirals.   Recalling previous photographic work, such
as Haywood - where Newkirk's obfuscated naked body
stands blanketed among pristine snow – or in Juke –
where the artist, in a suit, lays on a lawn shielding
his eyes from the glaring sun, Bixel interrogates
notions of privilege and complicates the legibility of
a delocalized body politic.

Continuing in the tradition of giving artists carte blanche, Locust Projects invited Newkirk to create a new project without any restrictions. This gave him the freedom to work in a medium which he had never had the opportunity to explore in the past. Locust Projects will be showing his first ever video work.

Newkirk’s exhibition adds to the list of outstanding projects that Locust Projects has hosted. The list of artists is nothing to scoff at: Nick Relph and Oliver Payne, Eric Wesley, Jon Pylypchuk, Nathan Carter, Alex Bag, Gregory Green, and Mark Leckey, among others.
Working with artists who are beginning to break into the international art world, Locust Projects provides them the opportunity to work without the stuffiness and restrictions of a larger institutional setting. They are literally allowed to do whatever they please here, and there can be little doubt that this is at the center of the exciting exhibitions that we have hosted in the past.


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