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Rancourt / Yatsuk:

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Locust Projects presents Horizons, a new commission by artist duo Rancourt/Yatsuk. Inspired by a multitude of sources including alternative medicine; theme park rides, get-rich-quick schemes, and near death experiences, Horizons explores the role of fantasy as a manipulative tool within the darkest corners of unfettered capitalism.

The media driven installation is engineered to guide viewers through a layered indoctrination process and sales pitch, ultimately presenting an opportunity to “take the ONE action that will determine the path to the rest of your life

Horizons examines the excruciating efforts charlatans will take to profit from an increasingly beleaguered population at a time when the concept of getting ahead is increasingly out of reach. Whether it be finding the answer to your financial woes on YouTube, or preventing your next heart attack with a late-night infomercial elixir—the duplicitous packaging of hope is a potent mechanism embedded in the trenches of the current economy.

Rancourt/Yatsuk, [Justin Rancourt, (b. 1983, Florida, USA) and Chuck Yatsuk, (b. 1984, Florida, USA)], have exhibited at venues including Kate Werble Gallery, New York, NY, the Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, NY; Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen, DK; Center For Contemporary Art (CCA), Kitakyushu, JP; Kunst Projects, Berlin, DE; and COCO, Vienna, AT. The artists currently live and work in Brooklyn, New York.

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