Main Gallery

Daniel Arsham,
Ian Cooper,
Jay Heikes,
Rachel Howe:
I am the Resurrection

The world sucks, adults suck, having a job sucks, getting taxes shaved off your wages sucks, picking up overtime sucks, your buildings suck, your music sucks, your movies suck—you had a chance and you blew it. Now, we’re taking everything back. Satan and suicide and despondency, irreverence and beauty—they’re all ours now, and we shine whenever we do our own thing with them; we grow luminous and necessary. We’re just dying to die—that’s how we take our lives back. We cut ourselves, we become animals, we scribble over your album covers, we highjack your copy machines, we paint our faces, we give importance to things—like our sadness—that you want to do away with, we stick your buildings in the deepest caverns of our wicked minds. We are your redemption, the silver lining on the pile of wreckage that are all your mistakes. i am the resurrection brings together work by four artists that have set up shop at the crossroads of adolescence, reclamation and doom. Hailing from the deep recesses of the Midwest, Jay Heikes brings something of a homebody’s obsessive meditation on rock stars, decay, fandom. From New York City, Rachel Howe brings us the mixture of sadness and defiance that threads through American teenagedom. Also from New York, Ian Cooper lets desire run unregulated in his reverential investigations of Goth girls. From Miami, Daniel Ashram buries the standing symbols of architectural modernity into the blackest caves of an adolescent will to reclaim the world. 

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