Main Gallery

Jacin Giordano,
Michael Loveland,
Gavin Perry,
Vicki Pierre,
Kyle Trowbridge:
The Night Crazy Legs Went GQ

Like some mythical Resistance, Locust Projects
withstood the diabolical powers of Law Office. After a
long and perilous month, we’ve emerged unscathed. To
celebrate we’re taking a journey to our source. We’re
taking you back, way back…

The Night Crazy Legs Went GQ commemorates the evening of February 22, 1984, thelast time Crazy Legs battled as a member of the fresh breaking crew The Fantastic Four. The very next day he retired his airbrushed sweatshirt, red lees and suede Pumas with fat laces. He began to don Z. Cavarichi pants, Capezzios, ID#___ shirts, a Chinese letters nameplate, and to smell of Club 1235 and Drakkar Noir. It was the end of an era, but who says freestyle can’t make you hardcore? 
To help us memorialize the dead Crazy Legs in each of us, we’ve invited five artists who may know something about mid-80s wacked-out Miami. Expect amazing throw-backs by IROC Z enthusiast and Yaweh-Bin-Yaweh follower Gavin Perry, Taxi clothes designer Vicki Pierre, Luke Skywalker Records cover illustrator Jacin Giordano, Jam Pony DJ Michael Loveland, and Nice ‘n’ Wild road manager and Lime fan club president Kyle Trowbridge. Along with them, there will be site-specific interventions by Tigra & Bunny, Stevie B, Le Juan Love, Shy D, Phillip Michael Thomas, and Expose. The soundtrack to the exhibition will be provided a shoebox of moldy mixed tapes that has been under a bed for fifteen years.
For suggested opening night dress code refer to school yearbooks circa 1985.


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