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Ilona Malka Rich:

Locust Projects is pleased to present the work of Ilona Malka Rich in collaboration with Gracie Mansion Gallery in New York, NY. The exhibition will be shown in two parts. The large freestanding sculpture will be shown at Locust Projects and the smaller more intimate works exhibited at The New Gallery on the University of Miami main campus. Both exhibitions will run at the same time during Art Miami 2000.

ilona Malka Rich's work is colorful, outrageous, bold, and contemporary. She uses plastic as a vehicle to produce what at first glance appears to be fluffy, light-hearted work, but upon further inspection reveals references of our media engulfed society. Her work crosses the lines of sculpture, painting and kitsch imagery. In the large three-dimensional work like "Marge and Gene" (1998) Rich creates cartoon-like forms that suggest how individuals may perceive each other, particularly under the influence of popular culture.

Rich's work combines child-like elements- bright colors, fantastic forms- with an adult attention to detail. Elements of "low" art such as the animals with illuminated eyes reminiscent of department store window displays and patio sculpture, are integrated with more sophisticated elements. The result is a body of work with a carnival-like feel which spins the viewer into an unknown yet familiar world. Rich's work presents a visual circus laced with a critical commentary on popular culture.

Ilona Malka Rich was born in Madrid, Spain; she has exhibited her work in New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and now Miami. She lives and works in NYC. The opening reception is on Friday January 21st, 8-11pm


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