Project Room

Patrick Collier:
Stolen Truck Blues

LOCUST PROJECTS is pleased to present two shows
including work by Odalis Valdivieso and Patrick
Collier. Chicago-based Collier received an M.F.A. from
the University of Illinois. Of Stolen Truck Blues, he
has written: “[It is a] music video about my stolen
truck and its eventual return. Written and sung by the
artist, this is one in a series of Hillbilly
music-inspired videos and songs that address the
stresses of urban living and the corresponding
nostalgia for a simpler life in the country.” This 
video is equal parts pathos and something that edges
tongue-in-cheek irony, although not quite that. It’s a
heartbreaking song penned by someone who should know
better than to believe in the possibility of soothing 
the pangs of disillusionment with a few earnest
lyrics—and all the more sad and funny as a result.

Having recently moved to Miami, Venezuelan artist
Odalis Valdivieso will install an immense
site-specific wall drawing. Valdivieso, assisted by a
computer, will simplify a photograph of a junkyard
into a schematic collision of forms. This composition
will then be cut out of vinyl sheets and affixed to
the wall. In the process, the rusted detritus of real
life will morph into a stylized language that
references club design, techno music, cutting-edge
graphics, and animation, without ever forfeiting its
 relationship with the savage Pop art of someone like
 Oyvind Fahlstrom. It also invites some meditation on 
the dynamics of site-specificity, not only by being
produced specifically for LOCUST PROJECTS but also by
engaging in a dialogue with the car and boat
cemeteries that flank the gallery's location on Nw 23 St.

And FALLER rocks the opening!

Nestor Prieto and his junk inspired instruments.


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