Locust Art Builders (LAB): Summer Art Intensive for Teens

The LAB 2014

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Locust Projects is pleased to present the 5th year of LAB (Locust Art Builders), a collaborative exhibition by a group of 25 South Florida High School students selected through an open call. Under the direction of contemporary visual artists Monica Lopez de Victoria of the TM Sisters and Loriel Beltran, students were given the opportunity to create a collaborative exhibition at Locust Projects and manage all aspects of its production during a three week summer intensive. Participating Artists: Kristen Baldaccini, David Baptiste, Marco Barbieri, Cyrus Blot, Allison Bouganim, Valeria Buttaci, Ashley Chacon-Herrera, Carolina Cuevas, Micaela Diaz Galvez, Valentina Echeverry, James Ephraim, Sofia Fascia, Chloe P. Friend, Beth Kimsey, Ana Martinez Oletta, Betty McGhee, Fabiola Millan, Vincent Nastasi, Luciano Picone, Danielle J. Respeto, Galicia Rothe, Anais Shaw, Catherine Toruno, Camila Villa, Emmaneul Williams.

2014 LAB (Locust Art Builders)

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