2024 Spring Fling: Casino de Monte Carlo
An evening of art, intrigue, passion, risk and chance

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297 NE 67th Street, Miami, FL 33138
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Support our community of artists and Locust Projects at our biggest fundraiser of the year!



Buy your tickets now for Locust Projects 2024 Spring Fling: Casino de Monte Carlo - an elegant and shimmering affair with complimentary cocktails, delicious bites, captivating performances and artist-designed activations centered around a Silent Art Auction and Casino de Monte Carlo Gaming Parlour. 

ATTIRE: Casino Royale Chic - channel your fave Bond era!

Guests will bid on one-of-a-kind art works in our largest Silent Art Auction to-date featuring talented local, national, and international artists.

Designed to support both Locust Projects and our community of artists with an opportunity to show and sell their work to new network of collectors, artists in the Silent Art Auction have the option to receive up to 50% of the final sale. Remaining proceeds support Locust Projects' artist-centered mission and programming. 

Be a big player, join our Host Committee, and provide vital support towards the event by inviting your close friends as guests to enjoy the opportunity to buy or win great art and experiences and mix and mingle with Miami’s vibrant creative community.  LINK HERE

Participating Silent Art Auction Artists include*: Harumi Abe, Zoe Alexa, Nathalie Alfonso, Dona Altemus, Marianna Angel, Kevin Arrow, Gabiela Ayza, Amadeo Azar, Roxana Barba, Glenn Barkley, Toby Barnes, Omar Barquet, Jennifer Basile,  Judith Berk King and Bryan Hiveley, Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson, Johanna Boccardo, Liene Bosque, Carola Bravo, Todd Brittingham, Jorge Cabieses, Luján Candria, Angelo Caruso, Marcos Castro, Beatriz Chachamovits, Westen Charles, Rosemarie Chiarlone, Clifton Childree, Katie Clark Gabbard, Jen Clay, Patricia L. Cooke, Monica Czukerberg, John DeFaro, Cara Despain, Gregory Dirr, Regina Durante Jestrow, Jenna Efrein, Dahlia Elsayed and Andrew Demirjian, Mara Faunde,  Sarah Ferrer, Samantha N. Ferrer, Manuel Forte, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, Leslie Gabaldon, Liliana Garcia-Roig, Baris Gokturk, Felice Grodin, Adler Guerrier, Valeria Guillen, Zac Hacmon, Haiiileen, Juan Henriquez, Gonzalo Hernandez, David Hicks, Tishan Hsu, David Jang, Carol Jazzar, Kelley Johnson, Karla Kantorovich, Matt Keegan, Amanda Keeley, Katelyn Kopenhaver, Mary Larsen, Joshua Levine, Philip Lique, Marilyn Loddi, Tara Long, Pepe Lopez, Robert Lorie, Michael Loveland,  Claudio Marcotulli, Laura Marsh, Pablo Francisco Matute, Andrés Michelena, Venessa Monokian, Larry Newberry, Nice n’ Easy, Jenene Nagy, Alex Nuñez, Michele Oka, Renzo Ortega, Gustavo Oviedo, Oscar Abraham Pabom, Jorge Pardo, Luna Palazzolo-Daboul, Edison Peñafiel, Christina Pettersson, Kerry Phillips, Evelyn Politzer, Jennifer Printz, Jon Pylypchuk, Chire Regans (VantaBlack), Ema Ri, Karen Rifas, Johnny Robles, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, David Rohn, Dave Ross, Donna Ruff, Dimitry Said Chamy,  Dennis Scholl, Tom Scicluna, Jessica Segall, Onajide Shabaka, Lauren Shapiro, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Fredric Snitzer, Silvana Soriano, Yasmin Spiro, Joaquin Stacey-Calle, Stardust Seeds Collective, Jordan Strafer, Mette Tommerup, Denise Treizman, Frances Trombly, Oscar Tuazon, Cornelius Tulloch, Lachlan Turczan, TYPOE, Maitejosune Urrechaga, Marcos Valella, Alex Valls,  Lisu Vega, Manuela Viera Gallo, Tom Virgin, Tomas Vu and Rirkrit Tiravanija, Melissa Wallen, Jill C. Weisberg, Rebecca White, Elizabeth Withstandley, Addison Wolff, Antonia Wright, Alexander Zastera, and Julia Zurilla.

* as of March 31

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