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Sonic Insurgency Research Group (SIRG):
If the Source is Open (Megamix)

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SIRG’s If the Source is Open (Megamix) continues the collective’s explorations of how sound and noise play an integral role in the structuring of life, particularly as ideas about what constitutes sound and what constitutes noise are leveraged in the struggle over cultural consensus, social power, and public space. The installation reflects upon sound norms and regulation as a form of politics by other means allows cultural criticism and historical analysis to listen, balancing overly visual articulations of social life. Additionally, the role sound plays (in the form of the protest song or call-and-response political chant, for example) is integral to the foundation of communities of practice and opposition. If the Source is Open (Megamix) materializes these ongoing research propositions into an eightchannel sound installation featuring a directional speaker system situated on a sculptural listening platform. Examples of remixed sounds include fragments of political speech, experimental compositions, lectures, DJ mixes, vocal reenactments, archival audio, and more. The work will be accompanied by a series of programs and activations utilizing the platform as a site for live performances, dialogues, presentations, study group meetings, and workshops comprising both Miami-based participants and an extended network of potential contributors.



Sonic Insurgency Research Group (SIRG) is Josh Rios, Anthony Romero and Matt Joynt. Their research-based performance and exhibition practice examines normalized associations between criminality and sound, silencing as a form of social control, and voicing as a form or social resistance. Considering how noise comes to be defined and the conditions under which certain definitions of noise are mobilized to maintain authority over marginalized communities, SIRG investigates the politics of sound and sound’s relationship to policing. By placing academic scholarship on sound in proximity to experimental sound performance, political speech, dialogue, and other acts of sonic audacity, SIRG seeks to contest institutionalized epistemologies and redefine what kinds of auditory experiences are understood as acceptable and what kinds are understood as antagonistic, especially in the struggle over political, economic, and social equity.

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